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Live life to the fullest ...♥

Happy birthday to my little cousin and happy belated birthday to my uncle! 🎂🎈✨

Matcha and Red Bean toast box from the other night with @ppchen_311 💖 (at What8ver Cafe)

WINGS!!! Yumm~ (at The Flying Beaver Bar & Grill)

Sloppy Joe’s for dinner ◉‿◉

I haven’t made dinner in while σ^_^; Tonight’s dinner: Coca Cola Chicken with Mash Potato 🍴

Found this adorable picture of my baby sister <3 I miss her chubby baby face xD

New phone case! *\(^o^)/* ✨💕

Playing One Piece Pirate Warrior 2 with hubby 👫🎮💖

Captain America! 👫🎥✨ (at Landmark Cinemas)


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