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Live life to the fullest ...♥



Man Saves a Shark

look at that man. When the shark starts thrashing around he just lets go and calmly takes a step back and waits for it to be done. Then it’s back to work. What a badass.


wearing a blanket around the house like



Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon [x]


Just look how big my Chappy is! (((*≧艸≦)

Loving my new nail polish called “Elegant Edge” by @juliegbeauty 💅✨ Perfect fall nail colour! 🍁🍂


Small doodle for Sarunochan :D

It’s the baby version of the black alpaca you gave me >///<!~ Sorry about the crappy line art ;A; It’s meh :/ I don’t have a proper program on my computer to draw with so I just used sumo paint that butchers quality in everything QAQ Colouring is just pretty simple because sumopaint hates me OTL

Edit: Also thanks again for the baby ahhhh! He’s so cute *^* I treasure him a lot xD


Living in Richmond, CANADA.

♥♥ bear.Totoro.Asian

Popteen.deco art.ulzzang.karaoke.pandas.Japanese Culture.Japanese Music.Korean Music.clothes.Tony Tony Chopper.♥♥

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