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Live life to the fullest ...♥

New addition to the family! 💕✨


More late night baking for me (^∇^)This time, I made #BananaBread 🍌🍞✨💕

Caught all 150 but I still can’t find Mew (;_;)

I heard you like mudkips 😁

Pretty and colourful 💗❤️💛💚💙💜✨

I have 2 of these cute strawberry iPhone 4/4S cases lying around. I never had a chance to use them since I changed to the iPhone 5S (ーー;)If anyone is interested in buying them, I made a store on Link to the store is going to be on my profile.

My view from work :)

I made treats for the dogs last night, all three of them are patiently waiting for them to cool… Silly dogs (ーー;)

Our Disneyland memories 📷💗 @ppchen_311


♥♥ bear.Totoro.Asian
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