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Glamorous & Sexy Room Wear for Tokyo Princesses ♥

What do these fair maidens wear when simply relaxing at home? The answer is…Princess Room Wear!

♡ Feel free to browse them at Yume Tenbo via this handy link here.
♡ And yes, many are also available for overseas purchase at Rakuten’s English shop.

Four pages so far (⌒-⌒; ) I still have a few photos left that I still want to add ✨✨

Working on my scrapbook ☺️💕

My birthday eyemake 👀✨ Used #NakedPalette2 , #AnastasiaBrowWiz , #NakedBasicsPalette and #DollyWinkLiner . I’m also wearing Fairy 1 Day Princess Pink contacts 💖


Thank you hubby for the sweet surprise 😊 You always have a way to make me smile 💕

Went to #TheEatery in Kitsilano yesterday with @ppchen_311 , the interior is really interesting haha Random signs about sushi around and large figures hanging from the ceiling. Their menu was huge! We didn’t know what to order haha In the end, we got a BBQ Karubi, KFC Roll, Ebi Mayo and Toro Nigiri 😊🍣💕 The BBQ Karubi was a bit too salty for my taste but everything else was good 👍

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Finished the night playing #MarioKart8 with @ppchen_311 😁 So much fun!

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